Our vision

We believe the key to safety in the 21st century is ‘together works better’, a world where responsibilities, communications and actions are clear. We’ve been helping fire, safety and building professionals do their jobs more effectively, by bringing their staff, customers, contractors and tasks together, since 2017, when we created the first true digital fire logbook.

Our mission

The requirement for a golden thread of safety information has become vital. Our mission is to deliver this data and audit trail in a way that supports and enhances the lives and operations of all Tio customers and stakeholders. Our software brings standards, best practice and connected products together with building, facilities, safety and service professionals, in mutually beneficial relationships, with clearer responsibilities, guidance, asset and task data for everyone. Our customers should easily be able to  deliver the value their companies, teams, customers and stakeholders want, with baked-in safety, efficiency and performance.

Our approach

Tio is built (and hosted) in the UK, by fire and safety professionals for the fire, security and safety industries. We deliver truly together software, that is easy to use, and avoids the headaches, overheads and complexity of alternative products.

We don’t aim to do everything half well, but are focused on doing everything that matters exceptionally well; so we’ll fit around existing software and processes with dashboards, integrations and APIs. With HQ in Hertfordshire, our team of 14 works together to create easy-to-use products that knit together customer requirements, best practice and the safety legislation we help create. We update our products and feature sets regularly because safety should always be up to date.

Together Works Better

Tio works where and how you need it, via your browser and our mobile apps.

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