The team behind Tio

Tio was born from a team with two Queens Awards, several decades of fire safety product innovation and exports to over 100 countries behind it. Tio is a brand of Cogniscion Ltd, a company owned by the same independent group that designs and manufactures the world’s leading fire system test equipment ( The Tio team, itself a ‘premises occupier’ with a duty of care to its own building occupants, includes experts in fire safety and its management together with IT professionals who specialise in code and cloud.

Tio’s independence

Well connected in the fire safety community Tio is nonetheless independent from service providers and fire protection product manufacturers. Tio’s success is based on its independence, knowledge of fire safety needs and ability to collaborate with diverse parties.

Tio’s goals

Tio’s goal is to fill vital gaps in the fire safety community;

  • Uphold and improve life safety
  • Educate and assist building occupiers to comply with fire safety obligations
  • Provide a common platform and convenient portal through which all can connect
  • Ensure the completion of fire safety actions and tasks
  • Enhance and simplify communications between stakeholders
  • Improve fire safety using anonymised statistics
  • Share carefully targeted fire safety information to those who need it though a wide user base

Tio’s ethos

  • Collaboration in fire safety
  • Universality enabling common connectivity of fire safety need and solutions for all
  • Data privacy and integrity – fundamentals of our service
  • Profit sharing, where appropriate, with collaborators and the community to promote and support fire safety