How many times has your business lost productivity and wasted money because of an unnecessary fire alarm activation? Maybe someone burnt the toast in the kitchen or staff canteen, causing the whole building to be evacuated. The perpetrator will probably receive a look of disgust from their fellow employees, but the consequences may be much more serious.

The true cost of false alarms

Any evacuation can impact on the productivity of all your staff. If the incident is not recorded and actioned correctly it will likely reoccur.

Fire industry research shows that building occupants are much less likely to respond appropriately to fire alarm systems that repeatedly suffer false and unwanted alarms, “oh not the fire alarm again…”

Building evacuations and the Fire and Rescue Services attendance are not only a waste of a valuable resource, they have the potential to endanger others if firefighters are needed for a true emergency elsewhere.

A recent article in the Huddersfield Examiner reported that businesses in West Yorkshire had spent around half a million pounds on false-alarm charges imposed by their local Fire and Rescue Service. Firms guilty of persistent false alarms, where crews have been called out more than three times in 12 months, were liable to pay £375.

Tio Fire Safety – the efficient way to stay compliant

All businesses have a duty of care which includes carrying out regular fire risk assessments on their premises. These, as well as all other fire safety tasks and duties, including reporting on fire alarm activations, must be made to ensure you have the correct compliance records. However, a paper-based Fire Safety Log Book is now not the most efficient way of maintaining these important records.

Using the Tio Fire Safety mobile app, the responsible member of staff can log an alarm activation in seconds, even while on the go. Relevant fire professionals can be notified of fire safety issues immediately, so that remedial action is initiated straight away. The interactive Tio app can update management personnel on the situation promptly, and you can be confident that all follow-up actions receive the correct governance, cutting down on future false alarms.

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