What’s the benefit of multi-site?

Multi-site functionality provides a consolidated view of fire safety statistics across all of your sites with an easy to use Dashboard.

How many sites can I include?

There is no limit to the number of sites you can add as long as you have purchased enough licences.

How can I add and remove sites?

Assuming you have enough licences you can add another site any time by sending the site your multi-site code and they can enter this on the Manage – Details tab within their log book. The multi-site code can be found in the manage area of Tio multi-site.

To remove a log book from multi-site, log into multi-site, click Manage and then click the log book you wish to remove.  Click the Remove button and confirm the removal.

What’s the cost of multi-site?

Contact Sales at Tio for pricing options on sales@tiofiresafety.com

How can I cancel my multi-site subscription?

If you choose to stop using Tio, simply contact us through www.tiofiresafety.com or send an e-mail to support@tiofiresafety.com and we will cancel your subscription payment.

What does Last Updated show on the dashboard?

Last updated highlights sites which have not updated their log books recently. It displays this in a list and graphical format to quickly identify problem sites.

What does Equipment show on the dashboard?

This provides multi-sites with a quick view of exactly what equipment has been installed/identified across their estate. This is shown as a percentage against total sites.

What are Overdue Log Books on the dashboard?

Overdue Log Books show how many overdue tasks there are for each site.  This will allow you to view which sites are completing their scheduled tasks and how many they have enabled.

What are Activations on the dashboard?

Activations show how many log book entries from your sites were due to activations (not scheduled tests) in the last week.  When in activations you can also filter to see how many there have been for specific time periods.

Can I add log book entries in multi-site?

The Multi-site feature allows users to view your organisation wide fire safety statistics.  Logbook entries should be made when viewing the individual logbooks, if you have been invited to a log book as an Editor or Contributor you can add entries after logging into Tio and selecting the log book, you cannot add entries within Multi-site.