Why do I need Fire Service Providers?

It is a requirement to have all fire safety equipment maintained to the correct standards by a Competent Person. It is a Log Book requirement to nominate your contracted Service Provider(s). Once completed, Tio can share Log Book information and requests. It is important to choose a Fire Service Provider that is 3rd party accredited.

How do I add a Service Provider in Tio?

Select the 'Manage' tab from the Tio menu and then select 'Service Providers'. Select the 'Add Service Provider' button to add their details.

What will Fire Service Providers be able to access within my Tio Log Book?

Professional Service Providers should be added as a "Contributor".  This gives them the ability to view authorised sections and make entries. They also have the ability to add new Service Companies (in case their own is missing). As a Contributor they cannot add, delete or view any details of Users.