How do I update the mobile app?

To automatically update the Tio mobile app open the Play Store app on your Android device and slide out the left menu, press Settings then 'Auto-update apps', ensure Auto-update apps is selected.  If you experience issues with the Auto-update open the Play Store app, slide out the left menu and press Apps and Games then under Updates look for the entry labelled "Fire Safety from Tio" and select Update.

Why am I unable to untick certain fire safety equipment within the Details tab of the Manage Section?

If fire equipment in Tio already has an entry logged or a Compliance Task set up against it then the user will be unable to untick / deselect this selection from their manage section.

What mobile browsers are supported by Tio?

Minimum requirement:

Google Chrome v54 (iOS & Android)
Safari v7.0

What browsers are supported?

Minimum requirement:
Internet Explorer IE 11
Google Chrome v54
Safari v9
Mozilla Firefox v45
Microsoft Edge v38

How do I initially set up my Log Book?

You will see on screen tips and guidance within the your Log Book. Additionally Tio provides useful video tutorials found within the Help section of the Tio website.

Are the default Compliance Task frequencies appropriate for my building?

As each building is different, its Fire Risk Assessment will specify all regular fire safety tasks and the appropriate frequency.  Tio suggests pre-set standard intervals that cover the majority of buildings.  If these suggested frequencies are not relevant to your site then the Compliance Tasks can be amended to suit your building according to your site Fire Risk Assessment.

How do I create my fire safety tasks and reminders (Compliance Tasks)?

On initial set-up of Tio you will be asked to select the 'Equipment and Duties' relevant to your site. This will automatically set-up Tio's Compliance Tasks.  You will be required to setup the initial date of each task which will determine the schedule.  If you have ticked Fire Detection & Alarm a Compliance Task will be created for today which you can then fulfill when required.

How do I invite someone to become a User (add a User)? Or remove a User?

Having ensured they are in the correct Log Book (for multi Log Book Users), Admins and Editors can invite Users through the Manage tab (and within this the secondary navigation designated Users). To add a User select 'Invite Users' and follow the steps, invitations will be active for 14 days. Users can be removed in a similar fashion.

What devices can I use Tio with?

Tio is available online, running on your desktop, laptop or mac browser as well as being mobile friendly for phones, tablets and IPads.  For convenience and offline capability, it is also available as an Android app and soon to be released for IPhone and IPad.