What is the difference between Recurrent Compliance Tasks & User Created Tasks?

There are two types of Compliance Task, one is the regular tasks automatically created from your Equipment and Duties on initial setup, such as your weekly fire alarm test.  The other is a User Created Task created by you as a reminder, such as 'fix emergency light in Sales Office'.  These User Created tasks can only be created for the Building Occupier although they can be shared to anybody or organisation via email.

Why aren’t I receiving my weekly Tio email reminders?

Emails can be customised in the 'My Account' area of Tio, check that you have your email frequency set correctly.  There is also a possibility certain e-mails may have been sent to your Spam or Junk folders so please check here first.  If the emails are in Spam or Junk right click the email and select Not Spam / Junk from the context sensitive menu.  Tick Always Trust email from noreply@tiofiresafety.com.

Can I delete an entry?

Yes, to do this click a log book entry and click Options then click Delete and confirm the deletion.  The entry will disappear from the list but can be viewed again by filtering on Deleted and ticking the Include Deleted check box, any deleted entries will be shown with a strikethrough.  Entries can only be deleted on the Web Application of Tio  by Editors and Admins and the deleted action will be shown in the History Log.

Is Tio fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

Yes Tio complies with the regulations.  GDPR is an EU directive and became law on the 25th May 2018, for further information please contact the Tio data controller at admin@tiofiresafety.com, stating what your query relates to.

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)?

There is a predefined list of Alarm Receiving Centres within Tio who monitor your building to see an alarm activation.  For more information please click here.

What are the different types of User and their access rights?

Each Log Book has three types of User:
1) Admin - Initiator of the Log Book with full access rights and privileges
2) Editor(s) - Users with the same rights as the Admin
3) Contributor(s) - Users with the ability to view and edit authorised parts of the service

What is a User?

A User is any person with a valid log in for Tio. They can be a Building Occupier, Service Provider or anyone granted access to a given Log Book. Users can be internal or external to your company / premises.

What is a Responsible Person?

The term 'Responsible Person' means the person within the organisation or company with the overall legal responsibility for fire safety. For further details and guidance click here.

What are Compliance Tasks?

Compliance Tasks are tasks (regular and user-created) to help ensure fire safety equipment and processes operate correctly when required.  Tio generates 'Recurrent Tasks' automatically when it knows what equipment is present on site but also allows users to create their own 'User-created Tasks'.  When dates are setup for Compliance Tasks all Log Book admins and editors will be sent emails for required actions.

What is a fire system zone?

A building's 'Fire Detection and Alarm System' is divided into detection zones. These are indicated on your fire system control panel. It is necessary to log the zone or zones when making entries against the fire system. Tio will prompt you to add the zone number(s) so you will need to have noted this from the fire system panel.