Facility Management Companies

For a Facility Management company in charge of building safety standards, evidence of fire safety testing and maintenance is key. Tio ensures that:

Sites are operating correctly:

  • Tio guides building occupiers to perform mandated fire safety actions and enables those ultimately responsible (often remote from site) to ensure such actions are being performed
  • The Tio fire logbook provides transparent site status anytime, anywhere meaning that communication about issue resolution is swift and accurate.
  • The Compliance Tasks function enables easy control of site fire safety activities, highlighting outstanding or missed tasks
  • Tio facilitates clear communication of fire safety defects, issues and recommendations for action to all relevant parties
  • Tio highlights specific issues at site, building or portfolio level.

Essential services are performed & recorded correctly:

  • Fire service company visits and actions are time and date stamped 
  • Comprehensive records of site activity are compiled (including regular tests, site visits, inspections and recorded problems)
  • Reminders are set and provided for service visits, outstanding actions and issue remedies 

Facility Management companies can also join the Tio Advocate scheme. Click here to learn more.