Log Book

Tio centres around an online interactive fire safety log book – accessed whenever and wherever needed.

  • Intuitive and secure Cloud based fire log book
  • Always accessible via mobile or web applications
  • Never lost, unlike current paper log books
  • Enables compliance with statutory audit trail requirements
  • Provides proof of compliance for fire safety regulations
  • Simply shared with relevant parties to communicate fire safety issues
  • Creates a full fire safety history to enable the development of better practices

False Alarm Manager

Tio makes it quick and easy. Details are shared, equipment checked, systems reviewed, false and unwanted alarms prevented and remedies provided. You and the fire brigade save valuable resources.

  • Easily and accurately logs the details of fire equipment activations
  • Shares information with fire service providers or other agencies
  • Ensuring faults and issues are visible with faster remediation
  • Automatically updates the Tio log book
  • Assists in the fight against unwanted alarms

Compliance Assistant

Compliance reminders guide you on what to do, when and how; and its simple, intuitive design makes record-keeping easy.

  • Proactive reminders of fire safety duties and tasks (tests, inspections, evacuation drills, etc.)
  • Reminders can be tailored to your requirements and needs
  • Highlights the importance of fire safety tasks to those responsible
  • Step by step guide of how to complete fire safety actions
  • Monitor and ensure fire safety actions are being performed

Fire Document Storage

There’s a place for all your fire safety documentation too: vital documents such as risk assessments, certificates, site drawings, evacuation plans, recommendations and quotations.

  • Central location for all fire safety documents
  • All documentation is paperless
  • Fire documentation in one safe accessible place
    • Fire risk assessments
    • Fire equipment manuals
    • Systems and site drawings
    • Fire equipment commissioning certification
    • Fire system configuration files
    • Insurance certificates
  • Share detailed site specific information with authorised 3rd parties

Key / Emergency Contacts

Tio keeps all your emergency contacts in the loop, not only does it keep them neatly stored within the app; it also notifies them of any activations or reports.

  • Directly call fire system monitoring centres
  • Hints for passwords conveniently stored
  • Contact numbers (e.g. fire service company, key holders)
  • All information stored on the mobile app is instantly available even if you have no mobile signal