Fire Service Companies

Central to the fire safety of a building, the fire service company needs not only to access but also to update the fire safety records of that building and its occupants both as good practice and to provide an evidenced audit trail of work performed in line with fire safety law.  Fire safety records both for, and from the building occupier are fundamental to this. Tio is the centre of this wheel of communication and the home of the cloud based audit trail. Being a universal, independent and remotely accessible system it enables communication, preparation, efficiency, traceability and transparency.

Improved communications:

  • Ability for technicians and inspectors to view logbook content and recommendations outstanding ahead of site visits
  • Clear communication of fire safety defects and issues between service companies and building occupiers / responsible persons
  • Traceable communication of issues and recommendations that require remedy
  • Simple and transparent view of the service status of a site, anytime, anywhere

Organisation of site fire safety:

  • All fire safety records are always available in a single place and accessible remotely by authorised parties
  • Remote and advance notification of site information is available enabling suitable preparation before visits
  • Remote planning of test & maintenance schedule with the added benefit of access to previous visit notes and recommendations
  • Proactive reminders of all tasks can be set, including due service visits ensuring compliance with codes and standards for site documentation