What is multisite?

A dashboard view of multiple sites showing fire safety compliance of all sites at a glance.

  • National and regional overview dashboards show:
    • Compliance reminders
    • Fire document storage
    • Online fire records
  • National and regional overview dashboards show:
    • Visibility of non-conforming sites
    • Fire equipment activation statistics
    • Site equipment overviews

Why you need Tio Multisite:

  • Audits of fire log books remote from site
  • A fire log book your contractors can find
  • Sites reminded and motivated to practice fire safety
  • Sites “own” their fire safety duties
  • Knowledge of non-conformances to prevent an incident
  • Evidence that good fire safety has been practised

Tio motivates the responsible staff of each premises to practice and record compliant fire safety. The central dashboard gives visibility, control and peace of mind to those ultimately responsible in your organisation in a multi site view. Liabilities are covered, records are available and estate wide compliance can be viewed at a glance.